Water Business
  • Yichun Water Industry Group Co., Ltd.
    Yichun Water Industry company was built in 1973 and put into operation in 1975. There are three water plants in Yichun City, which water treatment capacity is 62,000 tons/day, 78,000 tons/day and 100,000 tons/day respectively. At present, the daily water supply capacity of three water plants totals 240,000 tons. The water supply area covers 68 square kilometers in the central city, with a population of more than 570,000, and the length of DN 100 mm in the urban water supply main network is about 520 kilometers. By the end of 2017, the total number of water meters in the city was 234,983, and the urban water use penetration rate reached 98.85%.

    After more than 40 years of hard work, the company has developed into a modern water supply group with more than 300 employees, which integrates the production and sale of tap water, installation and maintenance of water supply network and processing of fittings, municipal sewage treatment, water meter detection, water supply engineering design and construction, pipeline network detection, surveying and mapping, pipeline direct drinking water and environmental detection. Harmonious development of urban water supply and society has been achieved, which has won wide acclaim from the society. It has successively won the "advanced unit of factory affairs publicity" in Jiangxi Province, the "advanced unit of municipal public associations" in Jiangxi Province, the "advanced collective of women workers'meritorious and career-building activities" in Jiangxi Province, the "excellent grass-roots party organizations" in Yichun City, the "advanced unit of price honesty and credit", "A-level tax credit enterprises" and "Provincial Model Workers'Home", “Labor Model Innovation Studio”, and National, Provincial and Municipal Youth Civilization Numbers and other honorary titles.
  • Yingtan Water Supply Group Co., Ltd.
    Yingtan Water Supply Group was founded in 1958. After 60 years of construction and development, the company has a comprehensive daily water supply capacity of 100,000 tons per day, with two water plants. The water supply network of DN100 is 201 km long and covers 210,000 people in Yingtan. The company has developed from tap water production and supply to water supply engineering design, construction and installation, engineering construction and real estate development and other industries. It integrates the production, supply, sale, construction and management of tap water and forms an industrial pattern of "water-based, comprehensive development".
  • Linyi Fenghuang Water Industry Co., Ltd.
    Linyi Fenghuang Water Industry company was established in June 2007. The water plant covers 39200㎡ and has a designed daily water supply capacity of 514,000 tons. The water source is Mengyin Bank Reservoir. The water quality fully meets the national standards for urban drinking water. At present, the actual average daily water supply is about 28,000 tons, the pipeline network can reach 200 square kilometers, and more than 500 households have been developed. In addition to guaranteeing the water supply in Hedong District, it also undertakes the water supply tasks of Xianggong, Fenghuangling, Taiping and Tanghe sub-district offices and parts of Linyi Economic Development Zone, with a total water supply population of 400,000.