Water Business
  • Yichun Fangke Sewage Treatment Co, Ltd.
    Founded in 2006, Yichun Fangke Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. is located in Jinqiao Village, Xiapu Street, Yuanzhou District. It covers an area of 91333㎡, with registered capital of 95 million yuan. Its total design and construction scale is 160,000 tons of sewage treatment capacity per day. It has been completed in four phases. It has completed three phases of construction with a total investment of 125 million yuan and a daily sewage treatment capacity of 120,000 tons. Since it was put into operation in August 2007, the production has been stable and the treated water quality has completely met the first B standard of "Pollutant Discharge Standard for Urban Sewage Treatment Plant" (GB18918-2002). The comprehensive qualified rate of water quality is 100%, and the goal of zero safety accident has been achieved.

    In order to further protect and improve the ecological environment, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and create a livable ecological city in Yichun, a government-funded project for the innocuous disposal of sludge was started in November 2014. The overall design scale was 100 tons of sludge disposal capacity per day, which was completed in two phases. The first phase was 50 tons of sludge disposal per day with an investment of 14.753 million yuan. The project was completed in July 2015. With the help of traditional solar greenhouse technology, this project realizes sludge drying treatment, achieving reduction, stabilization and harmlessness. It is a new and innovative technology of sludge drying and reduction treatment.

    While adhering to the development mode of "ensuring operation, safety and increasing benefits", the company fully stimulates the vitality of the enterprise, comprehensively improves the business level and competitiveness of the enterprise, and vigorously promotes the sustainable development of the enterprise. In September 2016, we signed a contract with Jiangxi Mingyoushan Tourism Group Co., Ltd. to establish Yichun Mingyoushan Fangke Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. to jointly construct Wentang Sewage Treatment Plant, with a recent construction scale of 20,000 tons of daily sewage treatment.

    The company has 48 employees, divided into technical maintenance department, central control display monitoring center, laboratory testing center and other six departments. A small number of labor services have been outsourced by property companies, and online equipment for water inflow and outflow has been installed, and real-time reporting and networking with provincial and municipal environmental protection departments. In 2018, besides ensuring daily safety and meeting production standards, we will speed up the construction progress of sewage upgrading and expansion, sludge productivity technical transformation and Wentang Sewage Treatment Plant, and turn the construction project into a high-quality project. In the first half of 2019, the project of sewage upgrading and expansion, sludge production capacity technical transformation and expansion was completed. In the second half of 2019, the project of Wentang Sewage Treatment Plant was completed and put into operation. The construction output value was 115 million yuan.
  • Jining Haiyuan Water Affairs Co, Ltd.
    Jining Haiyuan Water Affairs company is located in the northern part of Jinxiang County, Jinning City, Shandong Province. It covers an area of more than 46667㎡. It was registered on April 13, 2006 to treat 30,000 tons of domestic sewage per day. It mainly undertakes the responsibility of municipal sewage treatment in Jinxiang County and plays a great role in improving the local water environment, energy saving and emission reduction.
  • Foshan Gaoming Huaxin Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd.
    Foshan Gaoming Huaxin Sewage Treatment company is located in Mingcheng Town, Gaoming District, Foshan City. It covers an area of 82700. Its service covers four districts, namely, the old urban area, the northern industrial area, the western industrial and mining area and the southern industrial area. Its total area is about 23 square kilometers.The project has been constructed on a planned scale of 20,000 tons of sewage treatment per day, with 3.25 km of main pipeline network, 18.85 km of branch pipeline network and 11,700㎡ of planned land. The effluent water quality conforms to the first class B of "Pollutant Discharge Standards for Urban Sewage Treatment Plants" (GB18918-2002) and "Water Pollutant Discharge Limit Value" (DB44/26-2001), which are stricter in the second stage of the first class standard for urban sewage treatment plants.
  • Jining Haisheng Water Affairs Co, Ltd.
    Jining Haisheng Water company was established in November 2017. Its business scope mainly covers the construction and operation of sewage treatment plants, technical research and development of sewage treatment equipment and systems, technical support and technical consultation. Our company is responsible for the construction and operation of Jinxiang County's new sewage treatment plant project, which covers an area of more than 26667㎡ and has a design treatment scale of 30,000 m/d. The effluent quality is GB18918-2002 national A standard and the unit price of sewage treatment is 1.24/ton.